About  iFood

iFood Co., Ltd. is a new venture in the food business initiated by Seastar Co., Ltd. Seastar, a  leading medical device manufacturer, is renowned for its baby health care products, such as electric nasal aspirators, thermometers, electric toothbrushes for babies, and pulse oximeters. Building on our experience and track record in the medical device industry, we are embarking on this new journey to promote and support health through food.


Keeping everyone healthy from babies to seniors

For the past 35 years, since our inception in 1987, we have provided medical equipment specifically for babies. Observing our super-aging society, we contemplated how we could assist seniors afflicted with conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, as well as those battling metabolic syndrome and obesity. Leveraging our extensive experience and established reputation in the medical device sector, we have chosen to delve into the food business, aiming to champion and preserve health through nutrition.

Features of iFood

low sugar

Generally, low-carbohydrate foods are half-cut in carbohydrates and often contain other foods, but “soy noodles” do not contain additives such as artificial sweeteners and artificial colorings, which are suspected of being carcinogenic. I completely cut down on sugar by not using it at all.

Soybeans are the most familiar to Japanese people.

What should I eat in my daily meals? After researching various dietary approaches and through trial and error, we settled on soybeans. These are well-known to the Japanese and are recognized as a health food globally.

Safety and security

We do not use any artificial sweeteners that have safety concerns (such as aspartame, acesulfame K, sucralose, etc.) or synthetic colorants like caramel colors.


Practicing a carbohydrate-restricted diet with soybeans, an all-purpose healthy food

What should we eat in our daily meals? After researching all kinds of dietary therapies and through trial and error, we arrived at soybeans, which are most familiar to Japanese people and are attracting attention as a health food worldwide. [Soybeans] are said to be effective in preventing cancer and reducing tumors and are a versatile food that is expected to be effective against stroke, myocardial infarction, and osteoporosis. Moreover, they are rich in high-quality protein comparable to meat and fish. Using this [soybean] as a basic ingredient, we aim to deliver a completely new low-carbohydrate food to everyone who is interested in practicing a carbohydrate-restricted diet, which is currently considered to have the most health benefits. We are committed to using only domestically produced soybeans, and we aim to completely cut down on carbohydrates without using any additives. We sincerely hope that our daily meals will be healthy, delicious, and enjoyable with foods that hardly raise blood sugar levels after meals.

Operator information

Company name

iFood Co., Ltd.


2F Tennozu First Tower, 2-2-4 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Representative Representative Director

Kiyotaka Yamafuji


30 million yen


Greetings from the representative

Our commitment to safe and secure manufacturing has been cultivated through our experience as a medical device manufacturer. We will continue to uphold this policy in our food business.




soybean noodles

The noodles are made with domestically produced soybeans and oatmeal, and we pay attention to not only the nutritional value but also the taste and aroma. We use soybeans that have been ground along with their skins after the oil has been extracted. They are full of nutrients and are rich in dietary fiber. The soup does not use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or acesulfame K, synthetic protein hydrolysates, or substances suspected of being carcinogenic, such as caramel coloring. We created this soybean noodles with the hope that you can enjoy it in a safe and low-carbohydrate soup.